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The Center of Sport Business and Analytics presents the annual Basketball Analytics Summit!

Understanding that sport is a major industry that has truly captivated and positively impacted our nation’s society, this conference serves to engage and explore the leading basketball experts who love, research, and work in the discipline of performance (individual or team) analytics. Since 2014, a team of determined and passionate students, faculty, and professionals have worked hard and smart to deliver this event. Previous Summits have been held at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina Central University. Students, faculty, coaches, players, and industry professionals, have attended this intimate setting to better understand how analytics is used and why analytics continues to be adopted by those within basketball to predict, produce, or capitalize on viable growth opportunities. Topical areas include Individual Performance (Xs & Os), Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Fan Engagement, and Sport Science (Athlete Performance).


With our continued emphasis on leading experts and purposeful networking, we showcase best practices for all levels of learners. Our Summit veterans, Dr. Kirk Goldsberry, Ken Pomeroy (College Basketball expert statistician, Dr. Dean Oliver (“the father of basketball analytics”), and NBA analytics professionals, will return, which makes this high-value event the “go-to” conference for basketball analytics.

Dish. Dunk. Data. 

2022 Summit Videos

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Dish. Dunk. Data.

The Summit

Sport Business is a $350 billion global industry. According to the Markets and Markets Report, the sports analytics market in the USA is predicted to grow to $616.7 million this year. Basketball remains the most consistent sport across the globe; the rules are generally the same attracting all ages as players and fans. So, it only makes sense to identify the best and the brightest basketball minds to share their products, services, and stories! Opportunities for improved outcomes and opportunities in Recruiting, Player Performance (e.g., nutrition, sleep patterns, rehabilitation, recovery, etc.), Marketing, Scheduling, and Coaching are plentiful. Join us as we offer an affordable, engaging, and intimate experience. No long lines. No aggressive sales pitches. No spotlights or awards. It's all authentic, grassroots, and available to you -- the avid basketball fan, player, coach, scholar, or professional.  

The Summit, founded by Dr. Deborah Stroman, began on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2014.  The Sports Entrepreneurship and  Innovation Association (SPEIA) is a team of sport-minded professionals who seek to provide connections and creativity to the sports industry. The opportunity to further evolve as part of the diverse and entrepreneurial city of Durham, plus a more central location within the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill) was an attractive and most logical decision for SPEIA. We know that the pandemic changed our lives; our Summit was no exception. We now deliver the same quality of presenters and content in an online platform. This helps us to keep our conference the best high value option available for basketball enthusiasts. Our team, comprised of students from local universities, former basketball players, and business professionals, work hard and smart to deliver the #1 Basketball Analytics conference in the USA. Why? We provide value -- an intimate setting that allows people to connect at an affordable price. Special thanks to Oracle, RTI and SAS for their ongoing and  gracious support!

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