Dr. Dean Oliver and Dr. Stroman
Dr. Dean Oliver and Dr. Stroman
Chi Nwogu, BAS Director
Harold Hughes, founder of Bandwagon
Mike Huff
Curry, Huff and Pomeroy
Liz Rackoff, Charlotte Hornets
Lauren Brownlow & I. Singer (UNC-G)
Dr. Stroman, founder of BAS
Sam Edgemon, SAS
Edniesha Curry, Maine MBB
Ken Pomeroy
Teamworks (Partner)
Edniesha Curry
Harold Hughes with staff
Liz Rackoff with attendee
Ron Righter, SAS
Liz Rackoff, NBA Charlotte Hornets
Durham Sports Commission (Partner)
BAS staff
Sam Marks, Poster Presentation
Matt Sheldon, NFL Analytics
Lauren Brownlow, WRAL Sports Radio
BAS wristbands
BAS T-shirt
Chapel Hill Visitors Bur (Partner)
BAS Check-in
CL Brown, writer The Atlantic
Gabe Farkas and staff
BAS staff
NBA Math Hoops & Sprawball book
NBA Charlotte Hornets Bag
Dr. Dean Oliver
SAS & NBA Math Hoops
ESPN Stats & Info swag
Chi Nwogu, BAS Director
Sam Edgemon, SAS
Pomeroy and Chansky
Mike Huff
Ken Pomeroy
NCSU - Case Competition Winners!
Gary McCoy, sport scientist
Farkas, Brown, Oliver & Zormelo
Justin Zormelo chats w/ an attendee
Sam Marks, Duke (Fuqua)
Nathan Frank, STATS
Farkas & Huff
CL Brown and Gabe Farkas
H Hughes & N. Lennon, Wasserman
Goldsberry, Sheldon & Huff
Plannells, Browne-Armstrong & Zormel
Dr. Kirk Goldsberry
N. Monzi and D. Davis
N. Monzi (NBA Math Hoops) & Nwogu
Ido Singer, UNC-Greensboro WBB
Farkas, Brown, Zormelo and Oliver
Ron Rice, NFL Alumni Association
Dr. Kirk Goldsberry
Brownlow, Stroman & Farkas
Hughes & Lennon
Hernando Plannells, MovingUp and WBB
Dr. Kirk Goldsberry (Sprawlball)
Gabe Farkas & Mike Huff
Nwogu, Goldsberry & Stroman
Ron Rice & Chi Nwogu
Huff, Carter (NOAH) and attendee
Attendees enjoying Microsoft gaming
Nathan Frank, STATS with attendee
Matt Sheldon, NFL Analytics
Curry, Huff & Zormelo
Dr. Dean Oliver & CL Brown
Speakers Dinner Gathering
Harold Hughes, founder of Bandwagon
Dr. Dean Oliver and attendee
Ken Pomeroy (kenpom.com)
Brownlow and attendees
Justin Zormelo & Goldsberry
Neil Johnson (ESPN Stats & Info)
Attendees playing Microsoft gaming
Nick Monzi, CEO of NBA Math Hoops
Stroman & Monzi
Sheldon chats about life's journey
Goldsberry relaxing with attendees
Curry, Zormelo, Johnson & Plannells
NCSU analytics students
Hughes & Nwogu
Edgemon, Singer & Brownlow
Nathan Frank (STATS) on AI
Dr. Dean Oliver
Brown, Stroman, Curry & Reese (WRAL)
BAS staff
Hughes & Rackoff discuss ticketing
Dr. Dean Oliver & Nathan Frank
SAS (Partner)
Hughes & Moschetto (Teamworks)
Stroman & Hairston (Photography)
STATS is Analytics!
Nathan Frank, STATS
Browne-Armstrong & Moschetto
Neil Johnson, ESPN Stats & Info
P. Browne-Armstrong, Duke WBB alum
Pomeroy & Stroman
Mark Moschetto, CMO at Teamworks
Neil Johnson & Nwogu
Sheldon, McCoy, Stroman & Zormelo
Dr. Dean Oliver
Sam Edgemon, SAS
Stroman & Chasity Melvin, NBA/WNBA
Peppi Browne-Armstrong, entrepreneur
Coach Curry (Maine) & Stroman
BAS staff team and Justin Zormelo
Carter, Dumanyan & McCoy
Stroman & Moschetto
Brownlow & Johnson (ESPN Stats)
Edgemon, Singer & Brownlow
Carter, Stroman, Dumanyan & McCoy
Nathan Frank, STATS
Neil Johnson, ESPN Stats & Info
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